Savings, CD & IRA

Statement Savings

  • Earns interest
  • No maintenance fee

Money Market 
Our Money Market account offers a convenient way to save and build for the future.

  • Earn higher dividends than regular savings
  • With tiered rates the more you save, the more you earn
  • You can open with just $1,000
  • Clear up to three checks each month with no fees
  • Dividends are earned on the average daily balance, and credited and compounded monthly

Certificate of Deposit
A CD is a wise choice for depositors who don’t need immediate access to savings. It is a convenient way to start investing in your future.

  • Competitive Rates
  • Set your own maturity date anywhere from 6 months to 5 years
  • Minimum investment of $1,000 investment*

*A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

Saving for retirement may seem complicated and difficult, but when you’re a member, it doesn’t have to be. To achieve your retirement lifestyle goals, you should start saving now. And our IRA options make it simple — no matter what your income level and budget may be.

Regular IRA

  • May be tax deductible
  • IRA earnings are not taxed until money is withdrawn
  • $25 to open
  • Can be rolled over without charge
  • May withdraw interest monthly without penalty


  • May be tax deductible
  • IRA earnings are not taxed until money is withdrawn
  • Offered in 6 different terms: 1 year, 1 1/2 years, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years
  • $1,000 minimum balance is needed to open
  • May withdraw interest monthly without penalty

We also offer Roth IRAs and Education IRAs.

Christmas Club Account
Our Christmas club account provides you with a simple savings program that help you save for holiday shopping or a vacation.

  • $1 is all you need to get started
  • Deposits can be made from of $1 to $190 a week
  • Funds are deposited directly into your Alden account of choice (checking or savings)

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